Q + A: Digital Artist Elinor O’Donovan

Absurdism can sometimes be pretty isolating – the more specifically and uniquely ridiculous your take on the world & the more honestly you inform that with your own specific upbringing, the harder you might have to work to communicate its humor or its meaning to people who don’t share your specific sensibilities or background. WhatContinue reading “Q + A: Digital Artist Elinor O’Donovan”

Q+A: Photographer Tayo Adekunle

The theme of ‘identity’ is consistent in your work. Some of your earlier projects, like Bedrooms and Contemporary Identity, look intimately into the personal lives and identities of those around you. What compelled you to embrace self-portraiture and turn the lens on yourself? I’ve always been interested in looking at people with whom I share part of my identity.Continue reading “Q+A: Photographer Tayo Adekunle”

Q+A: Collage Artist Sabah Foster

Analogue or digital? Analogue for sure. Analogue is where it started for me. Ripping up old Argos catalogues and shout magazines. Many analogue techniques are very accessible as you can use materials at arms reach. It is a way to interact with the immediate environment, creatively. You can see your work take form in aContinue reading “Q+A: Collage Artist Sabah Foster”

Q + A: Mixed Media Artist Vivian Ross-Smith

How did you first get started working with cloth and fibre materials? What are some of your favourite materials to work with? Combining and layering materials is something I’ve always played with in my practice. I’ve always loved textiles, and being from Shetland has centred wool quite heavily in my work. In recent years, textilesContinue reading “Q + A: Mixed Media Artist Vivian Ross-Smith”

Q + A: Experimental Artist Louisa Love

Your interdisciplinary art includes audio and visual expression as well as poetry and performance. Could you pick one way of defining your practice? If so, what would it be? I’m not sure I can pick one particular way of defining my work, and actually I prefer not to. My interests are so broad so myContinue reading “Q + A: Experimental Artist Louisa Love”

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